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    You can now order premium Pampers, Love & Green, and Molfix diapers online. These brands are renowned for their high absorbency, ultra-softness, and exceptional breathability. Our diapers are made from eco-friendly materials and are rigorously tested to ensure they are of the highest quality. They are ideal for babies with sensitive skin and provide great mobility. In addition to regular diapers, we also offer swim diapers for use during pool and bath time. You can have all your baby needs delivered to you in Mauritius on the same day!

    15 products
    Eco Nappies Love&Green, Size T1 Birth, 2-5 kg, 44 Diapers
    Rs 795.00
    Pampers Premium Care, Size 1 Newborn, up to 5 kg, 22 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 123.25
    Pampers Baby-Dry, Size 2 Mini, 5-8 kg, 72 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 664.70
    Eco Nappies Love&Green, Size T3 Midi, 4-9 kg, Jumbo Pack, 52 Diapers
    Rs 1,100.00
    Pampers Pants, Size 3 Midi, 6-11 kg, 62 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 619.65
    Pampers Baby-Dry, Size 3 Midi, 7-13 kg, 66 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 664.70
    Eco Nappies Love&Green Hypoallergenic Pants, Size T4 Maxi, 8-15 kg, 20 Pants
    Rs 496.00
    Pampers Baby-Dry, Size 4 Maxi, 10-17 kg, 64 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 619.65
    Pampers Pants, Size 4 Maxi, 9-14 kg, 56 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 619.65
    Molfix Jumbo Pack, Size 2 Mini, 3-6 kg, 80 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 408.30
    Molfix-diapers-mini-3-Midi-4-9Kg-60 Baby-Best-delivery-Mauritius
    Molfix Pack, Size 3 Midi, 4-9Kg, 60 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 398.80
    Molfix-Diapers-Maxi Pack-Size 4 -7-14Kg-Baby-Best-delivery-Mauritius
    Molfix Maxi Pack, Size 4 , 7-14Kg, 60 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 411.60
    Molfix Extra Absorbent MaxiPlus, 9-16 kg, 54 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 407.80
    Molfix-diapers-junior-size-5-11-18-kg-44 Baby-Best-delivery-Mauritius
    Molfix Junior, Size 5 , 11-18 kg, 44 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 403.20
    Molfix Extra Large, Size 6 ,15+ Kg, 36 Disposable Diapers
    Rs 401.00

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